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our school!!!! =3
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Wander into the Depths of my Sketchbook and notebooks. ~

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Hahaha This artwork Leaves me Speechless or laughing too hard X3


Kenji42 has started a donation pool!
510 / 500

*stolen Prices XD Thanks little bro^_^

Just Note me Refs and What'd you like drawn.

Other MegaMan Series Style:
*10 :points: for line art
*5 :points: for flat colors
*5 :points: for highlights and shading
*5 :points: for background colored
*10 :points: for an extra character

MegaMan ZX/Advent/Zero Style:
*5 :points: for line art
*2 :points: for flat colors
*3 :points: for highlights and shading
*2 :points: for background colored
*5 :points: for an extra character

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    Donated Oct 6, 2014, 7:54:57 PM
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    Anonymous Deviant
    Donated Jul 30, 2014, 12:34:10 AM
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    Donated May 5, 2014, 8:28:15 AM
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    Donated Jan 21, 2014, 12:57:45 PM
  • :iconjustmeh123:
    Donated Jul 16, 2013, 10:56:05 AM
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    Donated May 17, 2013, 3:08:11 PM


Traditional Comics- Price Varies
Happy Birthday Momo! by Kenji42
Happy Birthday Mie/Frankyding!!! by Kenji42
Raffle Comic Annie Shenanigans by Kenji42
Annie and Kenya Shenanigans : Borderlands 2 by Kenji42
The prices will literally vary since I'm a lazy bum XD When I begin doing digital though, you'll notice the hefty prices. *snickers*

Again ignore the point prices, we can haggle.
Sketch Commissions- 4-10$
AT: Kenji Vs Heartless by Kenji42
Elsword RQ: Karis and Berthe by Kenji42
Lord Knight and Rune Slayer by Kenji42
Raffle Sketch: Rage-Chan and Beeatrice by Kenji42
O_o first time doing this >_> You could probably haggle me with points but $ wise it's from 4-10$ for a sketch. More people increased price of course.

After 2 Commissions, you'll get a free gift sketch.


Kenji42's Profile Picture
A Pain In Everyone's Ass
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hey. Don't mind Me. I'm Kenji ^^ Average lazy wolf who sketches for now.

I tend to draw various things (Megaman Stuff, Elsword fanart, Emotional(Vent) Art, Random things for pals, and whatever pops in my mind)

I know lots of artists you should check out. Below ^_^

:iconpksketch: :iconneondarkfire65::iconmakini90:
:iconrhodart: :iconsacreddragon::icont-a-0-m: :iconbeautychao7:

:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart: Why are all these hearts here?! *torches them*

More Artists to go look at:


And Many Others, but I'm So Lazy ^_^

:iconrequestfriendsonly:(At times) :icontradesopen:(Depends) :iconcollabsfriendsonly: (:heart:) :iconpointcommissionsopen:(prices vary) :icongiftsfriendsonly:

I support Rockman ZX stamp by Mega-X-stream
Doesn't Do Much Of:
Adult Rated(snu Snu)
Gore (BLOODY!!)


Get to know me and who knows what'll happen. XD

Skype: bass_kenton

PSN: Kenji_Asakura


This shit needs to be addressed and addressed pronto.

Anyone remember back in 2012? Those golden years of Da's bullcrap and bans? I do. We use to RP and have Megaman OC ships and bonds out the wazzo. Hell, Kaijin, Lady, Red, Steeeven, N sigma, even Quote did it too and probably still do elsewhere. 

The few people I admit happily to RPing with were :iconsacreddragon:, :iconomegazeke08013:, :icondictator-heartless:(go look up his new account -> :iconlord-tankuro:) and :iconiggster-von-burai: (maybe a few with Lady, Red, and quote) The shit between me and Sacred hit a few snags because like most RPs go, the fear of getting banned for under the belt fooly cooly rps was a freakin thing which made her not like ecchi stuff, Most of you guys back then remember Khare and Kenji had a decent amount ecchi drawings. (not 100% Mature, but you get the jest) since megaman wasn't all that serious fighting 24/7.. but all the ecchi stuff made her not want anymore of that.

Me and red had an RP session where I used her character.. the first time I EVER used anyone other than kenji in one and did I regret it? Obviously. She was a precious friend of mine and it was years ago. People change over the years. Can't blame someone in the present for a stupid thing that happened years ago. Specially if you have no idea what that person was going thru since then.

Anyway, I asked around to see if anyone has seen her again. Got "No's" all around so I sent her a note.  Suddenly the response "Do not contact me again." A lot came to mind and I'm going wtf? since I'm pretty sure no one has seen her in a damn long time and worried like I did right? So wtf. I responded only to get.

"Don't play dumb. You said a whole lot of rancid shit on sykpe and from what I've seen, you tried the same shit with a good friend of mine on here too. We're done, and I repeat, do not contact me again." before I got blocked. I wouldn't care if this was some random dweeb, but this was someone you spent years bonding with ya know? So I take it this "good friend" is :iconthe-one-true-koneko: If it was (Which it wasn't..), I'd like to know wtf myself because I do not remember anything much from my time with her because we rarely talked much. (if I'm wrong please skype me back to confirm) Think I'm joking? Literally send a note or a skype message, I will happily send you a long winded ass police report file on what has happened this year alone so far. Go ahead!! But still, even if what fights we had were bad, I'd still want to be friends and talk once in awhile I'm sure.

Now I'm curious of who this "good friend of hers is on here" is because someone I was with in March pulled a trick like this on my birthday... had me fifty shades of fucked up. As I read this, I'm more curious since I've never seen Sacred on skype.. have you guys? She was an old Msn Messenger user like me. Also, most of you know I'm not on da much because of the old computer issues. So someone help me connect the dots here please? Who did I even skype with from our old gang back then?  No evidence to show again??

Why have a rant like this anyway? Because it's de ja vu ladies and gents and I hate being entangled in repetition time and time again!!!  Anyone remember those old Tati pics? Same thing. The Nrrdiskunk ones? Same shit different plot I guess. Nightmareonmystreet and Mistress lovely? MOST RECENT shit but still as fresh as the one from 2013 so it seems.

 It's been years and in the end, All I want is to relax/draw/ hang out with people I call friends and family you know? Forming an online family is difficult as shit and keeping it is even funnier. I remember her saying something on the lines of friends come and go a long while back that haunted me.. that was my solution and it stayed strong since.. even if that family crumbled recently... I still have a few people left in it that I'm proud to address as family. Even got a few perverts like Owlizard, Kasu and the Gazzebo gang to fill the void a bit..

Go Look at most of my work. Who gave out long winded comments of motivation and encouragement? Her. Friends like that are a dime a dozen and we said we'd stay good pals for eons. Eons doesn't equal 2 years I'm sure. So I'd like to fix what is broken already. With both of you ladies and anyone else out there that seems to have a "problem" with me.

That's all I'm going to say for now... i really haven't been in the best of health and that surgery a while back didn't need this.. So I'm heading to bed.. I miss you all a have no idea and the fact that I finally have my computer back only to see those precious amigos/as who supported me to disappear hurts more than you can imagine. (I'm sure popular artist think the same thing from time to time.) So take care you guys. See ya on skype..

(I'm leaving this post up, If it's deleted, reported, or taken down, I'll be pissed but eh Da is still full of butthurt people and wtf moments.)
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